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 About WigFund.com
WigFund.com was founded on the premise of using the power of communities to help deserving people receive custom wigs. Many people want to help others who are suffering hair loss but don't know where to start or lack the resources to bring communities together for a good cause. WigFund.com provides a venue to quickly and easily help those in need. Spend less time worrying about the details and hassles of coordinating the fund raising effort and more time focusing on getting the word out about your cause.

Setting up a wig fund is FREE! Donating to a wig fund is FREE (100% of your donation goes to the recipient's fund)! Donors can look up a specific wig fund or browse a list of funds to find the fund in which they would like to contribute. You can read about each recipient, donate to their fund and post a note of encouragement for them.

The funds are set up so that friends, family, co-workers and anonymous donors can donate hair or money directly to a fund of their choice. Once the fund reaches a specific goal, the recipient receives their wig. Setting up and/or donating to a wig fund is a great way to show someone that you care.

The WigFund.com website was created to be used by people experiencing hair loss due to a variety of medical conditions. Many of our recipients are: chemotherapy patients, people diagnosed with alopecia, patients undergoing cranial surgery, burn victims, accident victims and other medically related hair loss. However, to start a wig fund, the recipient need not have a medical condition, just a community that cares.

WigFund.com has partnered with a leading wig manufacturer to design and make the recipient's wig. The custom wig will be a handmade 100% European human hair wig unless otherwise stated by recipient. The cap is specifically designed and created for the recipient. Each wig is unique and not replicated. The result is an ultra high quality custom wig delivered to the recipient when the fund reaches its goal.

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