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Fund Information
Name: The Shelby Lynn Fund
ID: 10143324
Manager: Rebecca Fike
Inception: Dec 11, 2014
Donations: 20
Amt Donated: $5,325.00
Hair Donated: 3 bundles

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Welcome to Shelby's Wig Fund
Thank you for taking the time to view my Wig Fund. I am trying to raise enough money to buy my first custom wig. I'm grateful for every dollar and strand of hair donated!

Fund Goal
The goal of this wig fund is to raise $7,000 toward a custom wig for Shelby. So far, $5,325.00 has been donated, equaling 76% of the goal amount.
$0 $3,500 $7,000
Pending Donations: $0.00
Total Donations Including Pending: $5,325.00
Donate to this fund!

Recipient Profile

My name is Shelby. I’m eighteen years old and was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata at the age of seven. With Alopecia Areata I loose my hair. When I was younger I wore a lot of hats to cover my head. Right before my freshman year of high school my family bought me a wig. I was bulled for it, but the wig made me feel better because I had hair again. My condition has worsened and I have lost most of the hair throughout my body. I have gone through several different treatments like topical creams, shots in my head, steroid pills, and applying Squaric Acid.
When I was twelve years old my younger cousin grew her hair out and gave it to me, so I can have a wig made out of it. Unfortunately, I found out it takes a lot more hair to make a wig. My cousin is giving me another amazing gift by cutting her hair again. I’m creating this foundation for myself because my insurance doesn't cover my Squaric Acid medication or my wigs. I’m currently in college and I know the cost of everything is a lot for my family. So every dollar and every hair that is donated makes a difference. I’m truly blessed that I only have Alopecia Areata and because of having Alopecia it has made me the person I am today.

Recent Donations
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Date Donor Amount Status
 Feb 06, 2020   Evangeline G - Maryville, TN   1 bundle   Pending Hair 
 Oct 01, 2016   Claudia F - Mason, TX   1 bundle   Complete 
 Nov 30, 2015   Geralyn B - Dupo, IL   1 bundle   Complete 
 Nov 30, 2015   Geralyn B - Dupo, IL   $50.00   Complete 
 Mar 01, 2015   Tracy S - Orange, CA   $500.00   Complete 
 Jan 26, 2015   Jay C - Chino, CA   $100.00   Complete 
 Jan 24, 2015   Matt B - Montclair, CA   $200.00   Complete 
 Jan 14, 2015   Diana "liz" R - Ontario , CA   $25.00   Complete 
 Jan 14, 2015   Maxine T - Murrieta, CA   $25.00   Complete 
 Jan 13, 2015   Silvia B - Montclair, CA   $100.00   Complete 
 Jan 06, 2015   Jay C - Chino, CA   $0.00   Complete 
 Jan 06, 2015   Peter & Shelley C - Chino, CA   $500.00   Complete 
 Jan 06, 2015   Debbie & Gabe M - Riverside, CA   $100.00   Complete 
 Jan 05, 2015   Matt & Steven D - Rancho Cucamonga, CA   $25.00   Complete 
 Dec 30, 2014   Jennifer P - Scottdale, PA   $100.00   Complete 
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Encouraging Words

Shelby - I am warrior going through Breast Cancer. I am cutting my hair and donating it to you for your wig. Gods Richest Blessings to you and your family.
 Evangeline G - Feb 06, 2020

I'm also donating 2 bunches of hair I just had cut off. I hope my donations help you and your family. You are a brave young woman. I wish you success with your college education and your future.
 Geralyn B - Nov 30, 2015

Sorry this is so late. You know I would do anything for you. I hope this helps you out a little. I will try and put more money in your fund as much as I can. I love you. Aunt Tracy
 Tracy S - Mar 01, 2015

Whoops! I guess putting in the dollar amount would help a little. Lol :)
 Jay C - Jan 26, 2015

Do we get to vote on color?!? jk Glad to help in any way!
 Matt B - Jan 24, 2015

Hi Shelby! Your aunt Shelley was telling me about you at work today. Here's a few bucks towards your goal. It's not much but I hope it gets you closer to your dream wig. :)
 Diana "liz" R - Jan 14, 2015

Hi Shelby - I'm a good friend of your aunt Hoosh aka Sue aka Silvia. Glad to help just a little. Praying for you. Max aka Maxine.
 Maxine T - Jan 14, 2015

Hope this helps, love aunt Hoosh and uncle Dave
 Silvia B - Jan 13, 2015

Here is some money to go towards our late night grocery runs!! Yours truly, Jay
 Jay C - Jan 06, 2015

Auntie Peter says "This is only a loan, when your hair grows back he wants his money back" :) We LOVE YOU Shelbs!! Keep your positive attitude and beautiful smile. We are always here to support you. Love Aunt Shelley & Uncle Peter
 Peter & shelley C - Jan 06, 2015

Shelby we love you sweet girl!!! Auntie and Chovie
 Debbie & gabe M - Jan 06, 2015

Shelby Lynn, Love you sweetie! "Aunt" Jen
 Jennifer P - Dec 30, 2014

You are so special Shelby. We are very proud to say you are our daughter! We love you, Mom & Dad
 Keith & rebecca F - Dec 29, 2014

We love you very much. You are a very special girl to us.
 Dan and pat S - Dec 24, 2014

Shelby we are very blessed to know you and your family and would like to help you meet your goal! LAAP Plumbing, Inc!
 Albert L - Dec 20, 2014

We love you.- Grandma and Grandpa Darwin
 Mj K - Dec 19, 2014

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