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Fund Information
Name: Team Ria
ID: 1361167
Manager: Maria Garcia
Inception: Jul 24, 2014
Donations: 4
Amt Donated: $3.00
Hair Donated: 2 bundles

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Welcome to Maria's Wig Fund
Thank you for viewing our Wig Fund. We are trying to raise enough money to buy a custom wig for the recipient!

Fund Goal
The goal of this wig fund is to raise $2,904 toward a custom wig for Maria. So far, $3.00 has been donated, equaling 0% of the goal amount.
$0 $1,452 $2,904
Pending Donations: $234.00
Total Donations Including Pending: $237.00
Donate to this fund!

Recipient Profile

Maria is a 26 year old wife and mother of two beautiful girls. May 8th she was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of the jaw. She had a 10 hour surgery May 27th to reconstruct her whole right half of her jaw using her fubula. She has semi healed from the surgery by the Grace of God! She is now undergoing Chemotherapy and is starting to lose her hair. Marianas always been the biggest hearted person always willing to do for others before she did for herself. This will be a great opportunity to give back to her and make her feel good while she is going through this journey. Thank you to everyone who even took the Tim to read her story and thanks a bunch to those who decide to donate. May God bless you all. Much ♡

Recent Donations
Date Donor Amount Status
 Jun 25, 2022   Smith S - Chicago, DE   1 bundle   Pending Hair 
 Jun 25, 2022   Smith S   $3.00   Complete 
 Jul 24, 2015   Kathy A - Post Falls , ID   1 bundle   Pending Hair 
 Aug 21, 2014   Dsaf S - Wer, AL   $234.00   Pending PayPal 
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Encouraging Words

 Dsaf S - Aug 21, 2014

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