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Fund Information
Name: Becky Clancy
ID: 2315510
Manager: Amy Rutledge
Inception: Aug 21, 2008
Donations: 21
Amt Donated: $2,357.00

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Congratulations! This fund has reached it's goal and is no longer accepting donations. Thank you to everyone who has helped achieve this goal! If you'd still like to donate to a worthy cause, please visit one of our active wig funds to make a donation today!

Welcome to Rebecca's Wig Fund
Thank you for viewing our Wig Fund. I am trying to raise enough money to buy my aunt, Rebecca Clancy, a custom wig to wear while she is going through Chemo over the next year.

Fund Goal
The goal of this wig fund is to raise $1,895 toward a custom wig for Rebecca. So far, $2,357.00 has been donated, equaling 124% of the goal amount.
$0 $948 $1,895
Pending Donations: $0.00
Total Donations Including Pending: $2,357.00

Recipient Profile

I found an unusual area on my breast in February, 2003. The Dr. didn't think it was anything, but after going back a couple times, he agreed to do a biopsy of the area. It showed breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and chemo for 4 months and eventually got better. I spent the next 4 years worrying about reoccurrence. Then, this past year, I kind of let it go and let my guard down. My family was very excited that I had reached that 5 year mark. I was too. Thrilled. But, one month after that date, I was having a routine gallbladder ultrasound in preparation for unrelated surgery and they found a spot on my liver. I had further testing and it is, once again cancer. It is inoperable, but I am on chemo. My Dr won't say how long I'll have chemo. For an indeterminate amount of time, he says. We are just hoping the tumor will shrink and I can have radio frequency ablation, where they basically "cook" the tumor with microwaves. It has to be small enough, though. I didn't wear a wig before when I had chemo. It was just for a few months in the summer last time, but this time...I don't know how long it will be. My clinical trial nurse said it could be years. I sure hope not. But, the chance of chemo working and shrinking it is sure better than the alternative. lol. I'll stick with the chemo, if that's the only choice. My nurse said I should cut my hair this week, as it will start to fall out soon. I have been admiring my hair (usually I think it's a pain) but now, I look at it in the mirror kind of wistfully. I hope I can keep it as a wig. Amy has been such a sweetheart getting this together. I know I shouldn't have been, but I've been blown away by the love I've seen shown by family and friends. I really feel loved and that helps so much. I don't feel like I'm doing this alone.


Recent Donations
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Date Donor Amount Status
 Sep 07, 2008   Jennifer W - Columbus, OH   $20.00   Complete 
 Sep 01, 2008   Lisa C - Murrieta, CA   $50.00   Complete 
 Sep 01, 2008   Betty C - Hamilton, OH   $37.00   Complete 
 Aug 29, 2008   Kristine A - Huntington Beach, CA   $50.00   Complete 
 Aug 29, 2008   Pat B - Danville, CA   $100.00   Complete 
 Aug 28, 2008   Dave W   $200.00   Complete 
 Aug 28, 2008   Anonymous - Kettering, OH   $20.00   Complete 
 Aug 27, 2008   Karen T - Columbus, OH   $100.00   Complete 
 Aug 27, 2008   Betty & Daniel C - Mason, OH   $25.00   Complete 
 Aug 26, 2008   Grant And Kelly C - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA   $100.00   Complete 
 Aug 26, 2008   Maureen L   $200.00   Complete 
 Aug 26, 2008   Karen T - Columbus, OH   $300.00   Complete 
 Aug 26, 2008   Ryan & Heather K - Cane Ridge, TN   $500.00   Complete 
 Aug 25, 2008   Karen K - Nolensville, TN   $100.00   Complete 
 Aug 25, 2008   Cheryl Z   $250.00   Complete 
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Fund Manager Profile

Amy and Mark Rutledge
Many of you know that each year Mark, the girls and I raise funds and participate in the "North Texas Race for the Cure" in honor of my aunt, Rebecca Clancy. Becky is a breast cancer survivor and hit her five year mark earlier this year. Unfortunately, this past July she found out that she once again has breast cancer. It has metastasized to her liver and surrounding lymphnodes. Her doctors have recommanded and experimental chemotherapy treatment that will last at least a year. Last time my aunt went through chemo she lost all her hair and had to wear hats and scarves, which she did with dignity and grace. This time i would like to help her have a custom wig made out of her own hair, so she can keep a sense of self during this overwhelming time. Please donate and help us raise the money to make this dream a reality. No amount is too small. Please keep Becky and the Clancy family in your thoughts in prayers during this time. Sincerely, Amy Kettrey-Rutledge

Encouraging Words

Your neice Amy is a life long friend of mine and obviously cares for you very much. The both of you are an inspiration to me. Many thoughts of love and healing have been sent your way.
 Jennifer W - Sep 07, 2008

Rebecca, You know we love you and are here for all of you. I hope this turns out beautful. I can't wait to see you wearing it!! Love you
 Lisa C - Sep 01, 2008

Hang in there!! We know what a strong person you are....You are not alone!!! Praying for you daily!!! :) AK
 Kristine A - Aug 29, 2008

Keep up the fight and you can do it. Our prayers are with you and your family. Pat & Ken Burger
 Pat B - Aug 29, 2008

This donation is from Frank and Flo Clancy... sending you all their support and love!
 Karen T - Aug 27, 2008

Hello Rebecca, The Langkamp family sends our love!!!!!!!!!! See you soon
 Maureen L - Aug 26, 2008

We need some Clancy representation! You are awesome... this is a great idea... and the Trotier's are praying for YOU!
 Karen T - Aug 26, 2008

We are thinking about and praying for you every day. We love you!
 Ryan & heather K - Aug 26, 2008

Surround yourself with positive influences. Meditate on the good. Like Darlene said, your family is behind you. We love you little sister. karen
 Karen K - Aug 25, 2008

Becky, I wish I had a magic wand and could make your cancer go away. You have gone through alot and you can fight this too. I think of you every day. I love you. Cheryl
 Cheryl Z - Aug 25, 2008

Rebecca - wishing you sunny days ahead and a fast and complete recovery. You are in my prayers. --your Pacific Northwest cousin, Bev
 Beverly B - Aug 25, 2008

You are stronger than you think. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
 Bill,joy,julia&annie P - Aug 25, 2008

Rebecca......you are going to get through this just like you did the first time. You are a very strong person. Know that we are always here for you. If you need anything at all please ask. We love ya!!!! Ron, Julie, Ashley and Morgan Burns
 Julie B - Aug 25, 2008

Rebecca, all of your family is behind you and in this battle with you, even though we can't be with you in person. We love you.
 Darlene & george S - Aug 25, 2008

We are with you in Spirit. Cinta, Kim, Chaska & Dave.
 Dave W - Aug 24, 2008

My thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. I love you!!!!
 Amy R - Aug 23, 2008

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