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Fund Information
Name: Lissy Fund
ID: 2773100
Manager: Michel'e Ouelette
Inception: May 18, 2008
Donations: 89
Amt Donated: $1,895.00
Hair Donated: 6 bundles

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Congratulations! This fund has reached it's goal and is no longer accepting donations. Thank you to everyone who has helped achieve this goal! If you'd still like to donate to a worthy cause, please visit one of our active wig funds to make a donation today!

Welcome to Melissa's Wig Fund
Thank you for viewing Lissy's Fund. Please help Lissy reach her goal of getting a custom wig.

Fund Goal
The goal of this wig fund is to raise $1,895 toward a custom wig for Melissa. So far, $1,895.00 has been donated, equaling 100% of the goal amount.
$0 $948 $1,895
Pending Donations: $30.00
Total Donations Including Pending: $1,925.00

Recipient Profile

Lissy's 3 Children
I have breast cancer. I'm having treatments for the cancer. I will survive not looking for pity. I traded my breast last week for a life time spent with my three kids and husband. It was a easy choice. But after my first shower since surgery I saw the weight of the choice. My left breast is the third the size it was before surgery. I was shocked, and sad to see the change. Yet happy I was given the choice. Any mom would agree it was a no brainer. I am writing this for reason I want to ask all moms here to get a mammogram. Call your doctor and tell them your friend has breast cancer and it was found on a mammogram. I know some will say I'm to young to have this test. Yet we are never to young to get breast cancer. I was told if I had not had a mammogram I would have only lived at best 1 to 2 years. I am asking all moms here to get a mammogram. Your insurance will cover the cost. If they catch cancer early you get to skip the Chemotherapy stage. I start this next week. Yes I will be fine, I am blessed it was found when it was. Please call your doctor and ask for a simple 15 min test...It would make me feel so much better.

Recent Donations
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Date Donor Amount Status
 Aug 17, 2008   Anonymous   1 bundle   Pending Hair 
 Jul 18, 2008   Lisa P - Ramseur, NC   $5.00   Complete 
 Jun 24, 2008   April R - Spencerville, OH   $5.00   Complete 
 Jun 21, 2008   Wendy W - Iowa City, IA   $20.00   Complete 
 Jun 21, 2008   Marsha S - Newland, NC   $23.00   Complete 
 Jun 21, 2008   Anonymous   $25.00   Complete 
 Jun 19, 2008   Danette    1 bundle   Complete 
 Jun 19, 2008   Anonymous   $1.00   Complete 
 Jun 18, 2008   Marla C - New Albany, IN   1 bundle   Complete 
 Jun 18, 2008   Tanya M - Bartlesville, OK   $50.00   Complete 
 Jun 16, 2008   Barbra S   $50.00   Complete 
 Jun 16, 2008   Anonymous   $10.00   Complete 
 Jun 16, 2008   Jean W   $5.00   Complete 
 Jun 13, 2008   Anonymous - Pascoag, RI   $10.00   Complete 
 Jun 13, 2008   Deborah S - Hamburg, PA   $50.00   Complete 
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Encouraging Words

You are in my thoughts and prayers.
 Lisa P - Jul 18, 2008

Hello, my dear...better late than never. I'm forgetful, but my intentions are good!
 Wendy W - Jun 21, 2008

I hope all is going well. You are in my prayers. May the Lord comfert you in this very hard time for you and your family.
 Marsha S - Jun 21, 2008

sending more (((hugs))) your way, this time w/ a bundle of hair for the wig, hope it helps. - Danette (lonestar818)
 Danette - Jun 19, 2008

You have cancer but cancer doesn't have YOU. Now go hug those kids and that cute husband of yours !!!
 Anonymous - Jun 19, 2008

I am donating in memory of my Grandmother Ardell, who was a breast cancer survivor.
 Barbra S - Jun 16, 2008

love you lissy
 Anonymous - Jun 13, 2008

Still thinking about you and hoping you are feeling better.
 Deborah S - Jun 13, 2008

Keeping you and your family in my prayers.
 Kimberly R - Jun 11, 2008

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your spirit as that is the most important factor in beating cancer. (((big hugs)))
 Bre M - Jun 09, 2008

Lissy: You're in my thoughts and prayers.
 Geneva M - Jun 09, 2008

My mom is a breast cancer survivor. I'll be praying for you too.
 Beth-ami D - Jun 09, 2008

My thoughts are with you!!
 Sandra a P - Jun 09, 2008

Lissy - wishing you and your family the best!
 Danette A - Jun 09, 2008

Good luck, I know this isn't much but I figured anything helps. Much Love, CafeMom Friend LadyDi812
 Diane D - Jun 09, 2008

You have a lot of loving friends. It is a testament to your loving kindness. Keep your faith and stay strong.
 Anonymous - Jun 09, 2008

I admire your courage.
 Anonymous - Jun 09, 2008

praying for you and your family...
 Kathryn J - Jun 08, 2008

God bless you honey, I wish I had more!
 Natalie M - Jun 08, 2008

We wish you the best and are thinking of you... nathansmom0400
 Lemonade kids M - Jun 08, 2008

To honor my mom
 Anonymous - Jun 08, 2008

God is with you. Stay strong.
 Pamela P - Jun 08, 2008

Stay strong, and hilarious Lissy! Love ya lots! Nicole (nandsmommy) yer co-admin
 Nicole S - Jun 07, 2008

Lissy ROCKS!!!!
 Chris L - Jun 07, 2008

love you lissy! stay strong honey, we are all here rooting for you!
 Grumpy railroad guy from r.i. O - Jun 07, 2008

love you lissy! stay strong honey, we are all here rooting for you!
 Grumpy railroad guy from r.i. O - Jun 07, 2008

I wish you the best, darlin'. Love, Wendeeo
 Wendy W - Jun 07, 2008

Wishing you the best, praying for a complete and speedy recovery!
 Karen E - Jun 07, 2008

Lissy - your going to look so fine in this wig!
 Happy b-day mitch! H - Jun 06, 2008

Love you Lady! Be strong and stay cheerful I know you will pull through this with flying colors
 Steph I - Jun 06, 2008

I wish you all the best! Jspy72
 Jennifer S - Jun 06, 2008

Wish you well Lissy :)
 Kathy T - Jun 06, 2008

We love you, and pray for your speedy recovery! You are in inspiration.
 Anonymous - Jun 06, 2008

I don't know you personally, but what I have read about you on the board you seem like an awesome person! Hope everything goes well and my family will be praying for you!
 Lana R - Jun 06, 2008

Enjoy your new "do"!!!!
 Anonymous - Jun 06, 2008

love you lissy!
 Devin,lynden,mila 0 - Jun 06, 2008

I just donated for Locks of Love for kids--so I don't have any hair to give. But I am glad to chip in for a wig.
 Teri B - Jun 05, 2008

I'm praying for you! Ang
 Anonymous - Jun 05, 2008

We love and support you Lissy!
 Lynn T - Jun 05, 2008

from my_three_sons (cafemom)
 Patrick M - Jun 05, 2008

Keep fighting, Lissy, there are so many who support you, love you, and pray for you.
 Anonymous - Jun 05, 2008

I wish you all the best!!!
 Stacy B - Jun 05, 2008

You are such a survivor, an amazing woman! To give so much of yourself when you are going through SO much! I wish I had an ounce of the strength that you have! You are in my thoughts and prayers.. now kick this thing in the butt! Keep the faith sister!
 Amie (awl) H - Jun 05, 2008

Lissy, I am thinking of you and praying for the best. Solen
 Anonymous - Jun 05, 2008

You are in my prayers.
 Kristin L - Jun 04, 2008

Cancer is big in our family, I feel bad that I can't donate more to help you out. Hugs.
 Alexa C - Jun 04, 2008

God bless you! We will be praying.
 Vicki L - Jun 04, 2008

I hope everything goes well and you are on the road to recovery soon!
 Angilea W - Jun 04, 2008

you are in my prayers as well as your family
 Anonymous - Jun 04, 2008

My prayers are with you
 Deborah S - Jun 04, 2008

I'm so sorry you are faced with this. You and your family are in my prayers. Please keep up your strong will, you are truly a courageous woman.
 Sabrina D - Jun 04, 2008

I'm so sorry I couldn't donate more. I have very little discretionary money, but this is so important to me! We're here for you, Lissy!! :) ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))), LIZARD :)
 Liz W - Jun 04, 2008

Sending well wishes and ((hugs)) your way. ~Lori (PresidentCross)
 Lori D - Jun 04, 2008

Lissy: You are a very strong woman and I know you are going to get thru this. You are an inspiration to me and all of the other mom's on our support board! You have helped us all and now you need help from us. I will continue to pray for you and your family! Karen (Mommylovesjande)
 Karen H - Jun 04, 2008

Lissy just know that we appreciate you being there for us in AAPA and I want you to know that we are here for your through your rough patch. You will get through this. Many hugs! AndreaNYC129.
 Andrea A - Jun 03, 2008

wishing you all the best and thanking you for every smile you bring to our board! =.)
 Anonymous - Jun 03, 2008

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