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Fund Information
Name: Yajaira Petruzziello
ID: 3063560
Manager: Yassmarie & Vanessa Roman
Inception: Oct 28, 2008
Donations: 28
Amt Donated: $2,400.00
Hair Donated: 1 bundle

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Congratulations! This fund has reached it's goal and is no longer accepting donations. Thank you to everyone who has helped achieve this goal! If you'd still like to donate to a worthy cause, please visit one of our active wig funds to make a donation today!

Welcome to Yajaira's Wig Fund
Thank you for viewing our Wig Fund. We are trying to raise enough money to buy a custom wig for the recipient!

Fund Goal
The goal of this wig fund is to raise $2,400 toward a custom wig for Yajaira. So far, $2,400.00 has been donated, equaling 100% of the goal amount.
$0 $1,200 $2,400
Pending Donations: $100.00
Total Donations Including Pending: $2,500.00

Recipient Profile

Beautiful, Strong, Outgoing, Fun and Loving are some words that best describe this wonderful woman. She always has a positive outlook on life and always has a smile on her face that can brighten anyones day. Yari is always willing to give a helping hand and we hope that with your donations you will be pleased to know that you are doing the same for her. Remember, today for her tomorrow for you.

Recent Donations
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Date Donor Amount Status
 Dec 27, 2008   Jessica A - Miami, FL   $140.00   Complete 
 Dec 26, 2008   Anonymous - Norwalk, CT   $100.00   Complete 
 Nov 28, 2008   Nino A - Stamford, CT   $50.00   Complete 
 Nov 18, 2008   Oksana K - Riverside, CT   $30.00   Complete 
 Nov 17, 2008   Walter T - Stamford, CT   $60.00   Complete 
 Nov 17, 2008   Anonymous - Stamford, CT   $40.00   Complete 
 Nov 17, 2008   Jaroslava K - Stamford, CT   $50.00   Complete 
 Nov 17, 2008   Peter R - New York, NY   $50.00   Complete 
 Nov 16, 2008   Alyssa C - Stamford, CT   $500.00   Complete 
 Nov 15, 2008   Felix O - Bronx, NY   $200.00   Complete 
 Nov 15, 2008   G. Edens F - Greenwich, CT   $200.00   Complete 
 Nov 14, 2008   Tom B - Stamford, CT   $50.00   Pending Check 
 Nov 14, 2008   Dick T - Stamford, CT   $50.00   Pending Check 
 Nov 14, 2008   Jean D - Norwalk, CT   $100.00   Complete 
 Nov 13, 2008   Grazyna M - Ridgefield, CT   $40.00   Complete 
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Encouraging Words

Wonderful to see you're in great spirits in your holiday pix. Love you. Bendiciones.
 Jessica A - Dec 27, 2008

I believe in you, Yajaira !!!
 Anonymous - Dec 26, 2008

We love you. BE STRONG!!!
 Oksana K - Nov 18, 2008

Nina you're the best ever, I love very much. this's just a bump in the road all are prayers are with you . Love Alyssa
 Alyssa C - Nov 16, 2008

Love ya, wish you all the best.
 Felix O - Nov 15, 2008

Edens love you forever
 G. edens F - Nov 15, 2008

Stay strong -
 Jean D - Nov 14, 2008

The best of luck. I pray for you.
 Grazyna M - Nov 13, 2008

"A Woman's positive fighting spirit will enhance her Journey- allowing her to face her challenges... one day at a time" and when you look by your side mama i will always be there! keep strong like you have been and always remember that i love you and i am only one call away! love you lots<3
 Yassmarie R - Nov 13, 2008

Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible!
 Agnieszka M - Nov 13, 2008

 Ana A - Nov 12, 2008

Get wall soon, love Matthew, Lisa
 Matthew,lisa D - Nov 10, 2008

When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road that your on seems all up hill, And you want to smile, but you have to sigh, Rest if you must, but dont you quit. You are not in this alone we are all here for you, with your smile you are strong with your Strength you will overcome.
 Andrew D - Nov 09, 2008

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. Never give up hope
 Selma C - Nov 01, 2008

Keep You head high and always have faith
 Anonymous - Nov 01, 2008

No matter what you need, a friend to talk to, a shoulder to lean on or a hand to hold....we will all be here for you.
 Jennifer D - Oct 29, 2008

You have a BIG heart and I love you so much for that, You have always been here for me and now I want to be here for you!!! Love You!! From your Sisiter and Best Friend... For ever and always...
 Vanessa R - Oct 29, 2008

Love u Chula!
 Yassmarie R - Oct 29, 2008

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