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Fund Information
Name: Hannah Cox Fund
ID: 6590800
Manager: Samantha Strickland
Inception: Jan 16, 2010
Donations: 6
Amt Donated: $0.00
Hair Donated: 6 bundles

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Welcome to Hannah's Wig Fund
Thank you for viewing our Wig Fund. We are trying to raise enough money to buy a custom wig for young Hannah Cox. Plesae tke a moment to read her story.

Fund Goal
The goal of this wig fund is to raise $2,195 toward a custom wig for Hannah. So far, $0.00 has been donated, equaling 0% of the goal amount.
$0 $1,098 $2,195
Pending Donations: $0.00
Total Donations Including Pending: $0.00
Donate to this fund!

Recipient Profile

Hannah, age 7, showing her
beautiful smile.
This beautiful young girl was born with Alopecia Areata. She only sufferd from bald patches for the first few years of her life, Until at the age of four, it developed into Alopecia Areata Universalis. This Condition means that she had 100% loss of her hair including eyebrows, eyelashes, the hair on her arms, and most predominately the hair on her head. As a young girls she was devastated and confused. She did not understand why she had to look different than all the other children at school, church, daycare, the grocery store, the park and even at home. When she looked at her older sisters beautiful flowing hair, a sadness always came into her eyes. Everywhere she looked she was reminded of her condition. I have seen her make wide births around mirros many many times. She went into a state where she rarely ever talked and would rather be in her room then anywhere else.
Three years later, She is 7 and has learned many ways to cope with all she encounters due to her condition, Thanks to a close family and lots of love from the communtiy, church and school. She has also regrown alot of hair, but it still persistantly will not grow back on her head.
She is a recipient of the Locks of Love foundation. However she recently has had two people in her family and communtiy donate their hair to her, in hopes to create for her a custom fitted wig that she is comfortable enough in to truly be her wonderful self. This is where we decided to create this fund, knowing that God works in mysterious ways, and that just maybe this little girls dream will come true beacuse people like you will donate just a small bit of what they have, to give her somthing she does not. Either by donating just a little bit to the total price of a custom fitted wig, or the hair to make it out of. Thank you for taking time to read her story. God Bless.

Recent Donations
Date Donor Amount Status
 Mar 23, 2014   Karen M - Virginia Beach, VA   1 bundle   Complete 
 Dec 09, 2012   Stephanie R - Riverside, CA   1 bundle   Pending Hair 
 May 12, 2010   Jasmine P - Stillwater, OK   1 bundle   Complete 
 May 04, 2010   Emily K - Macomb, MI   1 bundle   Complete 
 Mar 25, 2010   Anonymous - Moses Lake, WA   1 bundle   Complete 
 Mar 05, 2010   Erin B - Tampa, FL   1 bundle   Pending Hair 
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Encouraging Words

Hi Hannah, this is Stephanie from Riverside California. I would love to donate my hair, that I have had long all my life to YOU :) I want you to know that you are beautiful, inside and out and i would love for you to have my hiar.
 Stephanie R - Dec 09, 2012

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