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Fund Information
Name: Striving for Style
ID: 9225510
Manager: Sarah Payne
Inception: Feb 15, 2011
Donations: 7
Amt Donated: $0.00
Hair Donated: 7 bundles

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Welcome to Vicki's Wig Fund
Thank you for viewing our Wig Fund. We are trying to raise enough money to buy a custom wig for the recipient!

Fund Goal
The goal of this wig fund is to raise $2,195 toward a custom wig for Vicki. So far, $0.00 has been donated, equaling 0% of the goal amount.
$0 $1,098 $2,195
Pending Donations: $0.00
Total Donations Including Pending: $0.00
Donate to this fund!

Recipient Profile

This fund is for my mother, Vicki. At a young age she began dealing with nervous and stressfull situations by pulling out her hair, folicals and all. She has had Alopecia since her teenage years and has been wearing wigs since. She has always has some natural hair growth till late 2007 when she began chemotherapy for bi-lateral breast cancer. It seems that now she has no new growth of her natural hair and the little hair she does have does not grow in length. It has been a dream for her to get some hair replacment at some point but you need to be able to grow natural hair for that to be successful. So I believe that her self image and confidence will greatly improve if she had a custom wig that has real human hair that is made especially for her. Please help me do this for her!

Recent Donations
Date Donor Amount Status
 May 17, 2017   Robert R - Topeka, KS   1 bundle   Pending Hair 
 May 17, 2017   Robert R - Topeka, KS   1 bundle   Pending Hair 
 Oct 03, 2015   Sally N - Kent, WA   1 bundle   Pending Hair 
 Oct 09, 2014   Anonymous - Tamarac, FL   1 bundle   Pending Hair 
 Jul 02, 2014   Debbi W - Grants Pass, OR   1 bundle   Complete 
 Jun 26, 2014   Anonymous   1 bundle   Complete 
 May 28, 2014   Marie M - Helena, MT   1 bundle   Pending Hair 
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Encouraging Words

At last....an older woman in the West who could use my hair. I am so happy to donate three different cuttings of my greying hair!
 Marie M - May 28, 2014

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