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Fund Information
Name: Angelina Fund
ID: 7318430
Manager: Roxann Easom
Inception: Mar 22, 2010
Donations: 22
Amt Donated: $720.00
Hair Donated: 9 bundles

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Welcome to Angelina's Wig Fund
Thank you for viewing our Wig Fund. I am trying to raise enough money to buy a custom wig for my daughter Angelina!

Fund Goal
The goal of this wig fund is to raise $2,295 toward a custom wig for Angelina. So far, $720.00 has been donated, equaling 31% of the goal amount.
$0 $1,148 $2,295
Pending Donations: $0.00
Total Donations Including Pending: $720.00
Donate to this fund!

Recipient Profile

Dreams Can Come True!
Angelina was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata when she was 23 months old. After her bath one evening I noticed a tennis ball sized bald spot above her right ear. I immediately called the Dr. & they tried to schedule an appt. a few days out because it wasn't urgent. I'm sure you would understand that to me that wasn't okay. I kept trying & luckily was able to get her in the next morning.

The Dr. quickly looked at her & gave me two diagnoses. One he quickly mentioned was Alopecia but he didn't think that was it so he barely talked about it. The other was another child at her daycare must have pulled her hair out. I found that hard to believe because it was a perfectly round spot, all the hair was missing & there was no irritation. Not to mention I would have immediately noticed when I picked her up.

So not knowing what was wrong with my daughter & being scared out of my mind I took her to a Dermatologist. She diagnosed it as Alopecia Areata & gave me what little information there was on it.

For those of you who may not know what Alopecia Areata is, it is a "common autoimmune skin disease resulting in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere on the body. It usually starts with one or more small, round, smooth patches on the scalp & can progress to total scalp hair loss (alopecia totalis) or complete body hair loss (alopecia universalis).

Alopecia areata affects approximately2% of the population overall, including more than 4.7 million people in the U.S. alone. This common skin disease is highly unpredictable & cyclical. Hair can grow back in or fall out again at any time, & the disease course is different for each person.

There is no cure & there is very little understanding of it. After Angelina was first diagnosed after a couple of months all of her hair & one eyebrow was gone.

Over the years Angelina has had no hair, some hair, lots of hair, etc. It is always changing and Angelina has expressed wanting a wig/hair piece.

Thank you for reading Angelina's story :)

Recent Donations
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Date Donor Amount Status
 Mar 30, 2010   James K - Palatine, IL   $50.00   Complete 
 Mar 26, 2010   John L - Texarkana, TX   $50.00   Complete 
 Mar 25, 2010   Leslie T - Santa Rosa, CA   $25.00   Complete 
 Mar 23, 2010   Anonymous - Lakewood , CO   $30.00   Complete 
 Mar 23, 2010   Danita/jeff M - Centennial, CO   $100.00   Complete 
 Mar 23, 2010   Glenn D - Surprise, AZ   $100.00   Complete 
 Mar 22, 2010   Peggy C - Colorado Springs, CO   $100.00   Complete 
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Fund Manager Profile

My name is Roxann, in '01 I had my first child, a baby girl named Angelina. My daughter & I have been on a roller coaster of emotions since she was diagnosed, well mainly I have. Angelina who is now 10 is now only just realizing what she has & is truly understanding as much of it as she can. Though it has been hard I have always tried to stay strong for her. I try to teach her confidence & to believe in her self. As mean as this world can be sometimes I truly hope & pray that she grows into a beautiful young lady & has nothing but happiness.

I am a single mother of two, any help you can contribute we would be extremely thankful for!

Thank you,

"Angelina, as those who know her know, is an amazingly generous, bright, wonderful girl! She handles her hair loss and gain as matter of factly as a young girl could. I think we can all tell how it would feel, however, to notice your hair falling out bit by bit. I have witnessed people's uneducated comments, and how well Ang handles them. Ang currently has more hair loss than can be seen in the pictures. Let's give her all the support we can! We love you Angelina! " Written from a dear friend. Thank you!

Encouraging Words

Pony tail #2 to you!
 Lori jean Y - Jun 27, 2013

I am humbled by your courage and honored to know my two pony tails might bring you closer to your goal. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your dream come true.
 Lori jean Y - Jun 27, 2013

My sister, brother, and I were touched by your story and wanted to help, so we all 3 donated hair. Good lucK!
 Dena, ashley, adam B - Dec 29, 2011

Good luck with this journey, sweet little one. My son and I are donating in my mother's name, who passed away from cancer in 2006. She would LOVE to know that our family has touched yours.
 Cara C - Sep 22, 2010

 Anonymous - Mar 23, 2010

We love you, you beautiful thing!
 Peggy C - Mar 22, 2010

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